As the media coverage indicates, instances of people affected by transfusion of infected blood is not a one off case. While the life of the patient is irrevocably changed, the judiciary is taking steps to ensure the responsible party is held accountable. In the last couple of years, there have been numerous articles on transfusion transmitted infections and its aftermath.


Times of India - 06-June-2014 Nucleic Acid Test Now Available at City Blood Bank

Times of India - 26-Apr-2014 - Licences-Five-Assam-blood-banks-cancelled

Mid-Day - 09-Feb-14 - Infected blood? Most Mumbai blood banks not equipped to detect it 

Most Mumbai blood banks not equipped to detect infected blood

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Mumbai Mirror - 20-Mar-14 - 23 years after girl got HIV+ve blood, blood bank officer gets 2 years in jail

The Japan Times – 26-Nov-13 - Man contracts HIV via donor blood

 The Hindu – 06-Sep-13 - Hepatitis B more prevalent than HIV in donor blood

Deccan Chronicle – 20-Aug-13 - Kerala state to pay Rs 5L to HIV victim

The Times of India – 20-Aug-13 - HIV via blood transfusion on the rise

The Asian Age – 19-Aug-13 - 1.5K HIV cases last year due to blood transfusion

The Times of India – 16-Jun-13 - Five test positive for HIV after blood transfusion at Assam hospital

The Hindu - 10-May-13 - Panel recommends upgrading of HIV tests

The New Indian Express - 28-Mar-13 - HIV detected in girl after blood transfusion

The Times of India - 4-Oct-12 - Hospital told to pay 10L to HIV-infected boy

Deccan Herald - 13-Jun-12 - Delhi govt mulls new test for safe blood transfusion

The Hindu - 16-May-12 - Blood Bank ordered to pay compensation

The Indian Express - 19-Mar-12 - Another thalassemic kid tests HIV positive

The Hindu - 2-Jan-12 - Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital gets equipment to detect HIV positive cases

DNA - 13-Sep-11 - Nucleic acid test machine could have saved the 23 HIV positive kids

Deccan Herald - 13-Sep-11 - Serious lapse - The costs of not using NAT test are far higher

Times of India- 10-Sep-2011- 20 thalassaemic children from Junagadh test HIV+

The Hindu – 16-May-2012 - Blood bank ordered to pay compensation

Times of India – 4-Oct-2012 - Hospital told to pay 10L to HIV-infected boy

Times of India -17-Aug-11-  Govt asked to pay 3 lakh for HIV infection

The Hindu - 3-Aug-11- Drug control officials trace blood donors

Times of India – 27-jul-11-  Over 30m in India carry hepatitis virus -9-Jul-11-  Punjab: At least 30 thalassemia patients received Hepatitis C positive blood 

Times of India - 22-Jun-11- Woman gets HIV: 2 nursing homes get show cause notice










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